For many years now I have been fascinated by both the still and moving image, their construction and the illusions they profer.

Whilst travelling Asia with my camera I became interested in what lies beyond the image and why we feel the need to record, capture and represent moments of time that, arguably, never existed to begin with. The simple act of looking through a lens is often, somehow, more exciting and fulfilling than the same subject viewed through our own eyes. The camera is a device that can capture, control, evoke and lie, but only when placed in our hands. Without us, it is simply a box. What interests me most about photography is the opportunity to explore the meaning that we place in an image, to understand why our own eyes and our own experiences and memories do sometimes not suffice.


  • photography
  • film


  • after effects
  • photoshop
  • lightroom
  • premiere pro
  • final cut